First Time Ever (Introduction)

Hi guys! So this will be my first time to have and write a blog. I know that I have to learn how to see things and how everything runs, I am quite busy because of school stuffs.

Just like the others, I am a book lover! Only that, I only have few books, its okay because I’m just starting. Eversince grade school, I read. But I continued it now because I can finally manage how to save money so I can help both my parents from simple expenses and save a little longer for books.

I just bought the first two books of the very first trilogy I want! *giggles* so I’ll definitely save money again so that I can complete it soon! And also more books from my list!

I am not fond of horror stories and thrillers too! It gives me goosebumps. I read any genre of the books that catches my attention except for those two I mentioned hahaha.

I hope that you guys find my blog helpful to other booklovers in the future! And I hope that you will be with me through this journey of mine. Lovelots!

Remember this date October 30,2016 ❤


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