Inquiries and Other Information


Inquiries 4

Kindly get in touch with me through my email

Inquiries 3

  • I will entertain book review requests from my email.
  • I intend to reply to requests as soon as possible and I will inform you if I can or cannot do the review.
  • Kindly give me at least two weeks to read the book because school mostly eats up all of my time.
  • I can’t read books under the genres: Horror, Paranormal, Thriller.
  • I prefer physical copies of the book but ebook copies are entertained.

inquiries 1

I am up for these! Kindly get in touch with me through email. As I said earlier I just need a longer time to read a book.

Inquiries 2

I love bookish items and I am willing to do an honest review/feedback of the products.

Please be reminded that giving me free items or books does not and will never affect my review.